Education is important for each person who thrives to live a better life. It makes one to empathize the world. An educated person has the ability to take viable decisions and grow in life. It helps to lead a better life. The nation gets developed when every citizen of the country is well educated and rate of illiteracy in the country is very low. SP Trust initiates with a great vision to ensure a progressive self-reliant community among the society. Educating children is extremely important. An educated child creates an educated society. SP Trust is a charitable educational trust. The trust is based on active participation role by the beneficiaries at all levels. The programs are initiated with the supporting institutions, like minded organizations, other beneficiaries and the general public of the aimed locality. A good rapport with the media and society will ensure to influence the performance of the trust at the best shape and will benefit the people to look forward to the future of the Nation as a whole. The organization in on its way to broaden the scope of its activities, add value to existing programs in terms of resources, time, and delivery of quality services to our beneficiaries amend efforts to the maximum extent.

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